Self-Care Is The Ultimate Investment

By Ryan Velez

Especially in the United States, we tend to have a bit of a twisted idea of what makes the successful entrepreneur or business professional. Little social life, plenty of long days at the office, and missing sleep.

Many of these things are associated with a hard worker, but the fact of the matter is that burnout and depression are inevitable at this pace. For this reason, a self-care regimen is one of the great investments you can make to further your career, and Black Enterprise has spoken about doing so with Christina Rice. Combining her 12 years in public relations with her interests in travel and yoga, Rice launched LuxeLife Adventures, a travel platform that specializes in curating unique experiences as well as OMNoire, a health and wellness platform for women of color.

Rice explains that the start of any healthcare regimen is putting yourself first. “Whatever that means for you. I always say that “No” is a full sentence and we tend to forget that sometimes and that it’s OK to say no to overextending yourself for friends, family, work, and life in general. I also encourage women to do something that only you own, whether it’s taking a yoga class, going to the spa, spending a few hours reading a book with no distractions, trying something new, conquering a fear, therapy, etc.” Sometimes, it can be easier said than done, especially if you are a woman juggling the responsibilities of family and a career. However, the work of putting together something for yourself rather than those around you pays off, giving you a break from those activities so you can both be more relaxed and effective in those roles. “I’ve learned that I am the best for everyone and everything else when I am the best me possible,”

Rice explains.

If you’re struggling to find that necessary separation, it may be better to pursue your self-care implementation in pieces. Rice recommends creating smaller 30-day challenges that encourage you to perform various self-care related tasks. “For example, each day I list something that makes me happy. That could be going to the museum solo, cleaning out my closets, calling an old friend, completing a project I’ve been procrastinating on, baking a pie (which I never bake!), etc. We have to remind ourselves that it’s not always about the BIG action, but how those little ones will feed our souls,” she explains.

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I agree with You Bonita, I too am like that. I put other's needs first before my own. Then I realized I got nothing left for myself. It's better to put yourself first before others.


Yes this is me. I rarely think about putting me first. or rather showing myself some love. I never thought of a creating a challenge for myself, so this article was indeed helpful.