The Princeton mom teaches young women to invest in a good husband

Mother teaches women how to get husbands, and feminists hate her for it
Mother teaches women how to get husbands, and feminists hate her for it

The Princeton mom is being accused by feminists of being oppressive by teaching young women how to find good husbands. But is there anything wrong with teach...


As a result, this decision should not be taken lightly and women should be thoughtful and strategic about how to land the man of their dreams.

Some have attacked Susan, accusing her of teaching women to bow to a man or marriage. They’ve also accused her of being a “Gold Digger.” But here’s the funny thing: Most of us are gold diggers in our own way. Most of us would prefer a partner who improves our economic life, rather than one who distracts from it. If we’re not looking for our partner to help us in our quest for economic security, we’re at least looking for someone who is going to help us live a fulfilling life.

So, my position on Susan and what she does is simple: It’s just common sense. The person you choose to spend your life with (as Tia and I mention in our book ,”Financial Lovemaking”) is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. So, why in the world would you leave such an important decision to chance? That would be kind of silly if you ask me.

By the way, S. Tia Brown is my co-host on Financial Lovemaking. She’s also the Entertainment Director at Ebony Magazine and provides great balance to the conversation. You can hear the both of us discussing the issue below:

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Some women invested in a good husband but they themselves are not worth investing, because some women spends most of their husband earnings.

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