Two Black billionaire brothers say that black people must create economic legacy


by Dr Boyce Watkins

I’ve never had the chance to meet Michael and Steven Roberts, but I’ll confess that they have me intrigued. These two brothers started off “without two nickels to rub together” and have built an empire that is estimated to be worth something close to a billion dollars in economic value.

The brothers aren’t just focused on making money, but seem to have learned the value of building wealth in a multitude of different ways. They appear to understand the wealth that comes with supporting family, since it’s an amazing feeling to build an empire with those you love. They understand the wealth of building community, since they don’t appear to be shy about referencing their blackness as a fundamental component of their personal identities. Finally, they speak readily about the value of hard work, reminding people that you should be willing to “get your hands dirty” and work for anything you want out of life.

These men should be the ones replacing the picutres of athletes and entertainers on the walls of our sons and daughters. Men like these are our economic heroes. Assuming that they are ethical men in every part of their lives, these are the men that you want your daughters to marry.

Not that money means everything, we know that it does not. Even in the best case scenario, your financial achievements don’t necessarily define your success. But in some cases, your educational and economic accomplishments can be a SYMPTOM of who you are as a human-being. Your life is a complete manifestation of how you think, how hard you work, what you focus on and the choices you make. These brothers have made some powerful economic choices, and thus deserve to be studied and/or celebrated.

Watch this video below with an open mind. I’m most impressed with the idea that the Roberts brothers don’t seem to believe that their wealth is a sign that they are better than other people. Instead, they appear to believe that their wealth is an opportunity to help others match their success. These men are certainly worth a second look.

The video is below:


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