By Robert Stitt

During those three decades, he interviewed 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people. He wanted to know if the rich had a different way of thinking than the rest of us. In his book, “How Rich People Think”, Siebold says that there absolutely is.

Eleven of the mindset differences that Siebold found were summarized in a list posted on Business Insider. This is a snapshot of those mindsets.

  1. Rich people know that money doesn’t make you a good person or ensure you will be happy, but they know that it helps. Most people believe that the rich are just lucky or perhaps dishonest. Poor people will tell you that money is the root of evil; rich people know that it’s not riches, but poverty.
  2. Most people think it’s wrong to be selfish. The rich view selfishness as a virtue. Rich people know that you cannot effectively care for others if you have not first taken care of yourself. It’s not wrong to make yourself happy.
  3. Instead of remembering the good old days, rich people visualize the future and see the best days as yet to come. If you believe your best days have already happened, why would you invest in your future?
  4. The average person is willing to work for money whether they like it or not. The rich are known for taking chances and following their passions. “One of the smartest strategies in the world is doing what you love and finding a way to get paid for it.”
  5. Most people are limited by what they have while the rich have nothing against using other people’s money. If something is worth having or doing, then you will find the money for it.
  6. If you think rich people are snobs you likely will not hang out with them. This means you will not be surrounding yourself with others who are also wealthy or interested in being so. Rich people know that this goes with the territory. Rich people can’t afford to associate with people who are always negative or willing to be mediocre.
  7. The rich focus on big money opportunities while average people spend their time nickel-and-diming themselves. There’s nothing wrong with clipping coupons, but not if it takes up all your time.
  8. Most people actually expect to struggle through life. Rich people don’t have that expectation; they expect to make more money.
  9. Rich people seem like they are always focused on entertainment, but they are quite often learning as they do so. Most people spend a lot of time being entertained. The rich continually study and learn how to become richer. They schedule their entertainment instead of the other way around.
  10. Most people base their investments on logic and strategy. The rich know that there are only two parts to a good strategy: fear and greed. They base their investments around this belief in human nature.
  11. The average person believes that you have to make choices in life; that we live in a dim sum world. The rich believe they can have it all and act like it.

While changing your thinking won’t put a million dollars in your bank account, it can lead you to make some changes in your life that just may…



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