3 Money Myths That Ought To Be Busted


By Robert Stitt

Lynne Twist wrote the book “The Soul of Money”. Black Enterprise notes that prior to writing her book, Twist was an activist in everything from fighting poverty and hunger around the world to social justice, environmental sustainability, and financial wellness. Stacey Tisdale, author of “The True Cost of Happiness: The Real Story Behind Managing Your Money,” praises Twist, “To this day, I can honestly say that Twist offers the most transformative insights and solutions I have seen when it comes to aligning our financial choices with our authentic goals and values.”

Twist shares 3 great money myths that need to be busted. She notes that when you buy into the myths it changes your perspective on money and often leads to viewing yourself in a negative way.

Myth 1: There Isn’t Enough. We’ve been taught that everything is finite. We have limited time, limited resources, limited money, and even we often are not enough. “Twist points out how for many of us, our first thought in the morning is, ‘I didn’t get enough sleep,’ and our last thought is, ‘I didn’t get enough done.’”

When we chase after the “never enough” we do so at the expense of something or someone else. It is basically like running on a treadmill – the more you work the more tired you get, but you never get any closer to your goal.

You need to realize that there is plenty of everything. We have so much, but our culture has brainwashed us. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your priorities and adjust your life to reflect these new values.

Myth 2: More is Better. More money, more time, more room in the house, and so forth. We have marketing and advertising agencies that tell us we need bigger, better, more and more. The reality is we rarely use what we have. We have huge homes that we spend limited time in and much of the space is really used. We have time that we don’t use wisely and more money than most people in the world. More of some things might be nice, but it isn’t always better.

If your satisfaction with life is based on having ‘more’ then you need to re-evaluate your priorities. The old saying, “take time to smell the roses” is really appropriate here. Twist says, “No matter where we go, there’s a leakage that doesn’t allow us to experience the power of prosperity. When we develop an appreciation of what’s there and step away from ‘moreness,’ what we have can expand, nourish us, and nourish the world. When we let go, beautiful things are waiting for us.”

Myth 3: That’s Just the Way it Is. We resign ourselves to the status quo. We give up because we get tired of “pushing back” against the myths. We don’t see them for what they are and allow the fears to become our reality.

To break the myth, make some small changes. Twist suggests, “Try new practices for saving, budgeting, and investing. Make your spending intentional and deliberate. Most importantly, design a vision for your life that reflects your own definition of prosperity.”

When you break the myths, you are free to live the life you were designed to live!



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