90’s R&B Group Dru Hill Wins Million Dollar Settlement


By Robert Stitt

Granted, by the time they pay their fees and split the reward, they will not see $1 million, but it’s still not a bad Christmas miracle considering how long the group has been waiting for their money.

According to Rolling Out, the quartet was represented by the record company Kedar Entertainment for a pair of comeback albums in 2009, InDRUpendence Day and Last Dragon. Kedar was to pay them advance money and put up $300,000 in promotions for each release.

The Baltimore, Maryland-based artists insisted that Kedar mismanaged the albums and ended up costing them millions in royalties. They filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the company in the New York courts claiming that Kedar did not pay them their advances for either project and did not put in the agreed upon promotional money. As a result, album sales, concert bookings, and publishing revenue fell short. The company refused to respond to them.

The judge ruled that Kedar was to pay Dru Hill $1 million is settlement money and release them from their contract.

Dru Hill had seven top 40 hits during the 1990s including three R&B number ones: “In My Bed,” “Never Make a Promise,” and “How Deep is Your Love.” In addition to the comeback album mishap, the group has had other misfortunes. Most recently, their tour of South Africa had to be canceled because their promoter failed to meet contractual terms and ended up in prison for “taking money under false pretenses.” The group was supposed to rock Umodzi Park in Lilongwe on 12 December and the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on December 18.

Kedar Entertainment was founded by Kedar Massenburg and helped promote the careers of D’Angelo and Erykah Badu.



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