A 15-minute test can predict if you’re going to get divorced

The Mathematics of Marriage: Predicting Divorce (John Gottman)
The Mathematics of Marriage: Predicting Divorce (John Gottman)

University of Washington professor of psychology Dr. John Gottman can tell if a marriage is doomed. After 14 years of studying 650 couples with the aid of vi...


In Financial Lovemaking, we regularly discuss the marital investment and why it is so critical to your life and future. But getting married to someone is like starting a business. If you pick the wrong partner, someone with limited skills or a person who is not committed to fight with you in the trenches, the business is probably going to fail. So choosing the right person is as important as being the right person.

Here is an excerpt of an interesting conversation about the prediction of marital rates, and why there are scientists who can predict your pending divorce after speaking with you for just 15 minutes. It’ll blow your mind.

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Imagine it is the night before your wedding. A man comes to you and your fiance and says that if you answer his questions for 15 minutes, he can predict whether or not you will stay married. Will you take the quiz? Will you do the interview? It’s not just a hypothetical question.

Dr. John Gottman, psychology professor at the University of Washington, has just such a test and he says he can predict the outcome of a relationship with 90 percent accuracy.

Ross: I hope I didn’t overstate your predictive skills but they’re very impressive. In a half hour interview, you can talk to a couple and from the questions that you ask them and the answers that they give, you have a very high percentage rate of predicting whether or not they’ll be able to stay together. What are the questions that you ask them in the interview?

Dr. Gottman: Well, we’ve been able to do it now in three different longitudinal studies so I’m quite confident of this prediction, over 90 percent accuracy in prediction. We ask them very simple questions. We ask them how they met, what their first impressions were of one another, how they decided to get married, what the wedding was like, what the honeymoon was like, the first couple of years of marriage, their transitions — important transitions like becoming parents.

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