Ali’s Son Not “The Greatest” – Ditches Wife And Kids After Inheritance


By Robert Stitt

Sadly, it is also not too uncommon for marital issues to follow in the wake of large sums of money. According to the Daily Mail, Muhammad Ali’s son, Muhammad Ali Jr., seems to have become another one of these statistics.

Reports claim that after receiving his portion of his father’s inheritance, millions of dollars, Ali Jr. moved out of his family’s South Side Chicago residence and found himself a crib more in alignment with his new wealth. He did not bring his wife and children along with him.

As a child, Ali Jr. saw little of his father but his name. Yet, he was the target of frequent bullying by those who wanted to prove their metal beating up a champion’s child. Despite being Ali’s only biological son, Ali Jr. found himself estranged from the family, involved in drug and alcohol abuse, and eventually destitute. Over the past decade, he and his wife, Shaakira, and their two children have survived off of public assistance and whatever handouts they could obtain.

RadarOnline suggests that his family is not on poor terms with him. They just want him to get cleaned up and back on his feet. He says he wants to start a simple landscaping company and help the community.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Ali Jr. never stopped loving his own father. In fact, he always maintained a tremendous admiration for the work he did for the poor and helpless. In a tribute to his father, he wrote, “Find the Muhammad Ali within you, live the purpose God made you for before you go back to God.”

Hopefully, once he gets his feet back on the ground, Ali Jr. will not forget the wife and children that helped keep him stable over these last number of years. Then, he can help them live their purpose in a way that his father may not have done for him.



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