All-N-One Security Is The First Ever Black Woman-Owned Security Firm Offering All Security Services


By Victor Ochieng

The Atlanta, Georgia-based company goes down as the first ever Black woman-owned full-service security company. It ranks among the nation’s largest, most professional and fully-certified security firms.

It provides services to corporations, small businesses and other professional bodies. All-N-One employs high-end security technology, competent security personnel and has an able onsite traffic control management and monitoring system.

Parker started her journey back in college, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology. Being in a field she was really passionate about, she also earned a Master’s Degree in Security Management. After completing her studies, Parker got a job as a security officer before she later secured a Director of Security post at Diesel Technologies Corporation.

She was determined to grow, but realized there was a “glass ceiling” for Black women. This prompted her to launch her own security firm that would allow her to grow to her full potential.

In 2001, after moving to Atlanta, Georgia, she founded All-N-One Security, doing so right within the confines of her home kitchen and with less than $500.

Because of her able leadership, she saw the company grow from her kitchen into a multi-million dollar firm with offices across different states, including Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. She’s got a wide array of clients drawn from varying sectors, including educational institutions, transportation companies and natural gas resources spread across the country.

With her experience, she shares ideas with others, especially young people aspiring for careers within the Criminal Justice system. She travels the country giving speeches and mentoring students, women and aspiring security professionals. Parker advises people to “Develop a posture of strength, develop a posture of ‘can-do,’ develop a posture of turning ‘no’s’ into what it is you want it to be, and also develop a posture of comradery – knowing that we get nowhere by ourselves.”

She’s a strong believer in the proverb that goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

Parker is the founder of Mary Parker Foundation and author of the book “The Entitled Chick in Charge.” She’s isn’t stingy with her resources and that’s why she’s established different initiatives through which she provides aspiring and fledgling entrepreneurs with the support, tools and resources needed “to not only succeed, but bring others with them once they win!”

To know more about her company, click here. You can learn more about her foundation here.



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