Are Koreans to blame for the lockout of blacks in the haircare industry?

By Devin Robinson

This blame has been carrying on for over 2 decades. But to be quite honest, as someone who started his first store almost 1 of those decades ago, I’ve learned that the conversation from behind the counter is the one that holds more weight, than the ones taking place behind the mic of some radio show or behind the lens of some TV show.

Yes, Koreans (and Arabs) play a role in the strategic lockout of current and aspiring black owners. They do. They really do. But their power is limited. The only time an owner has to deal with a Korean directly (and even that is optional) is when they need products from them. I want you to understand that many of these products are everywhere and offered by non-Korean distributors too. However, they’ve done a good job creating the demand for the products they actually do control. (I can list them. But I rather do so in another article as to not get us sidetracked.) The other time an owner is dealing with a Korean is indirectly, as a competitor.

There are tons more activities owners have in the business besides sourcing. An owner has to get a location (landlord), market (media), utilities (providers), insurance (brokers), I am not going to get into all the activities. Just know there are plenty more. The flaw in our community is that we’ve allowed race-mongers to hijack our ability to conquer.