DJ Big Boy in LA signs $10.5M contract, then gets sued by former employer


Reported by Victor Ochieng

DJ Big Boy is known for his famous morning show at Power 106 called “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” that has endeared him to many listeners.

But that’s no more after Big Boy inked a deal with iHeartMedia to have his show run in the company’s Real 92.3 (KRRL). The deal was announced on Tuesday.

His former employer however isn’t taking his move lightly and has instituted a lawsuit against him. However, the DJ doesn’t seem to be hearing any of it, already smiling and talking excitedly about his new deal.

“You can’t imagine how psyched and ready I am to show my listeners – my family – what we’ve got planned at Real 92.3. iHeartMedia 100 percent gets what I’ve been doing for over 20 years and together we’re going to take it to the next level,” Big Boy said in his statement to TheWrap.

Broken down, the deal covers a period of 3 years with a yearly salary of $3.5 million. He also has 4 weeks of vacation, access to a private jet for domestic travels, and $200,000 for video production. It doesn’t end there. The company will be spending another $1 million every year to promote the new show and Big Boy will be their featured presenter in selected national events.

Although the deal was already completed earlier, on March 9th, Power 106 secured an order restraining the DJ from assuming his new role. But that’s no more after a court lifted the order, giving Big Boy a clean bill to move to his new workstation and get busy.

According to court documents, Emmis Radio LLC, which is the owner of Power 106, complained that DJ Big Boy, whose real name is Kurt Alexander, breached his contract terms with the company, a term that required him to provide a 60 day window after the conclusion of his contract with them to receive new offers and allow Power 106 to match them, where possible.

Emmis, wasn’t happy with the court ruling, but still appreciated that it left window for possible award of damages.

“While Emmis is disappointed with the Court’s ruling and will evaluate our legal options, we are pleased with the Court’s indication that damages are an available remedy at trial. Emmis remains resolute in continuing to protect our legal rights and committed to the continued success of Power 106,” read Emmis’ statement.

That means the lawsuit will continue unless a court rules otherwise.



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