Dr Boyce Watkins: Advice to my daughters – How to pick a man who won’t disappoint you


by Dr Boyce Watkins
A young lady asked me what I think a woman should look for in a good man. Here’s what I said:

1) An understanding of the importance of a man taking care of his kids – you can learn this from seeing how his father raised him, what he says about men who don’t take care of their children or how he takes care of kids he already has (if any). This tells you what kind of father he’s going to be in the event that the relationship comes to an end or you have children together.
2) A sense of financial strength and responsibility – Black men have the highest unemployment rate in the United States. When financial problems hit the family, you don’t want a man sitting around feeling sorry for himself. A man should always be working hard at something, even if he’s picking up trash everyday. Dating a good entrepreneur is a lot like dating a man who knows how to fix things around the house – a man who can create his own job will never be unemployed.
3) A general sense of decency as a person – you don’t want a man who is going to love you when things are good, but call you a b*tch when he’s having a bad day. Life is easier when you’re around good people – an abusive man has an immature habit of taking his frustrations out on those he loves the most. You can learn a lot by watching how he treats other people or how he describes his worst enemies. This will tell you how he’ll deal with you if you one day end up in divorce court.
These are my thoughts based on experience. I hope this helps someone who is trying to make life changing decisions.

Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance and author of the book, “Financial Lovemaking 101: Merging assets with your partner in ways that feel good.” To learn more, please visit BoyceWatkins.com. You can follow Dr Watkins on Twitter @DrBoyceWatkins1.

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i agree and he should be a great listener as well!


For those with daughters, this is a good reminder to talk to your girls about what's important.

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