Dr. Boyce Watkins: The single mother and the angry ex-husband - How money became a virus


by Dr Boyce Watkins

I was talking to a young mother recently about an issue she was facing with child custody. Despite being a good mother and solid human being, she found herself wrangling with a belligerent ex-husband who was determined to take her children away. The two were recently divorced, and despite the fact that she’d been the primary care-giver since the children were born, their divorce had put her husband on the war path.

Although this mother was in the right, her husband was winning the legal battle by leaps and bounds. His reason for winning was largely built upon the fact that he had plenty of money to pay expensive lawyers, while she only had a few dollars in her bank account. Also, because he ran his own business, he had plenty of free time to go to court and could also tell the judge that he’d be able to be at home with his children when necessary.

The mother, on the other hand, had to work two jobs and would only be able to see her children a few hours each day. While he’d grown up learning how to make money, she’d only been taught how to get a job. All of these factors weighed against her.

Basically, this mother was being harmed by the fact that she was economically unprepared to fight back against an adversary who was able to use his money to win the war over their children. I hear countless other stories from black people who wonder why nasty men like Donald Trump get what they want, while good people often fall to the wayside.

Stories like this are what made me construct a theory that I called “The Economics of Self-Defense.”

The Economics of Self-Defense is a two hour video lecture that I’ve created to help you understand how money and power tend to go hand-in-hand. I tie it to many other financial theories I’ve taught and studied during my 23 years of teaching Finance at expensive universities. The easiest way to be a victim in this country is to not take your economic future seriously, and we see the impact of this problem all over our community.

If you’d like to download my lecture on the Economics of Self-Defense, please visit EconomicSelfDefense.net. Use the discount code POWER to get 25% off the price of this product, as well as any other product in my Black Financial Literacy store.

By taking our financial future seriously, we can become empowered as a community. But if we continue to ignore these important conversations, we will always find ourselves vulnerable. This will always be true in a capitalist society like America. In this country, money-runs-everything.

You can take a look at the lecture here. You are also welcome to sign up for my introductory wealth-building course at BlackMoney101.com. The first month is free.

Until we meet again, please stay strong, be blessed and be educated.


Dr Boyce Watkins


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