Ex-Manager Of Wiz Khalifa Said He May Lose Out On Millions From Rapper’s Lies


By Ryan Velez

Bossip has recently released an exclusive update on the ongoing legal battle between rapper Wiz Khalifa and his former manager Benjamin Grinberg. This time, Grinberg is the one going on the offensive, saying that Khalifa has made up a story in hopes of voiding his contract and potentially denying Grinberg millions of dollars worth of commission. In addition to the financial loss, Grinberg called his former client “ungrateful” for the success he has had, which he says is partly due to the work of his record label.

Wiz Khalifa originally sued Grinberg and his company Rostrum Records for setting him up towards business deals that worked towards the benefit of the manager than the artist. Khalifa originally signed in 2005, when he was still an artist getting his start. The terms of the original deal state that he got 50% of the net record royalties for his first album, 55% for the second and up to 70% by the fifth album release. The rapper was to pay Rostrum 15% of his tour proceeds from personal appearances tours and live engagements along with 20% of all merchandise sales. The two would stop working together in March of 2014.

The lawsuit Wiz Khalifa filed demands that the contract be terminated, in addition to a million dollars in punitive damages. This was met with a countersuit from Grinberg and Rostrum Records, and Wiz has recently returned to court to demand this suit be tossed.

He explained that the original deal is unenforceable by “reason of menace perpetrated by Rostrum” and said the manager breached the deal first. This would mean Grinberg now cannot demand a cut of his income. Even if he was, the money would be offset by the damages from the original suit, but the ex-manager is not giving up so quickly. A recent set of documents shows that Grinberg and Rostrum are blasting the original suit as a transparent and baseless pre-emptive strike, designed to evade paying the millions Wiz supposedly owes.

They made the demand that Wiz show proof of the allegations that he was defrauded by them, claiming that to date, he has done nothing to indicate so. As of this writing, a judge has yet to put together a formal ruling on the case.



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