Floyd Mayweather flaunts his wealth, is it to hide his insecurities?


By Simi Afroza Mira

Floyd Mayweather, according to Forbes magazine, was the highest paid athlete last year, topping the list at over $100 million dollars. He beat out the likes of Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He enjoys flaunting what his money can buy and uses social media to help him brag.

Mayweather’s most recent social media post depicts him standing in front of his private jet and a fleet of cars he owns. He had two Ferrari Spiders, two Bugatti Veyrons, a Bugatti Grand Sport, a Gulfstream V, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Porsche 911 Turbo S, and a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. The estimated cost of just the cars alone is around $8 million, and the private jet is another whopping $45 million.

He even bought his son a gold Bentley golf cart for his 15th birthday and posted a picture of him and his son in the cart with the caption, “My son @kingkoraun wanted a Bentley golf cart for his 15th birthday I made it appear. Stay on the lookout for his gift for his 16th birthday!”

This is far from the first time Mayweather has used social media to brag about his money. In the past, he posted pictures of his shoe, sunglasses, and watch collections. Sometimes, he simply posts pictures of stacks of hundred dollar bills on the table or in the bed with him. His philosophy is, “If you work hard, you can play hard.”

Mayweather may have tons of cash, but he has also had tons of run-ins with the law. In 2002, he received a suspended sentence of six months when charged with two counts of domestic assault. Then, just two years later, he was charged with battery by two women for which he received a one year suspended sentence. A year later he was charged with the same and received a 90 day suspended sentence. In 2011, when he was found guilty of battery on his ex-girlfriend, he spent ninety days in jail.

Although Mayweather loves his money, there is one thing he is hesitant about doing that could earn him a huge paycheck. Manny Pacquiao, the 36-year-old Filipino fighter, has been trying to get Mayweather to sign a contract to fight him for a long while.

“Floyd brags about his lifestyle and everything! I don’t care! I’m just here waiting for him to sign the contract!” said Pacquiao.

The fight would be worth an estimated $250 million for the boxers.


Financial Juneteenth lessons from this story:

Floyd Mayweather loves to show everyone how much money he’s got and he’s probably doing it for at least one of the following reasons:

1) He loves having fun on social media

2) He’s arrogant and wants to remind you that his life is better than yours

3) It’s part of this “Money Mayweather” brand

4) He’s hiding other insecurities, like the fact that he’s been revealed to not be very good at reading. If you feel like half a man, it’s easy to believe that driving a nicer car or having more money can make you complete.

Most people might say that the excessive flaunting shows a serious lack of depth of Mayweather’s personality and perhaps a bit of narcissism. Muhammad Ali started the trend of boxers bragging in the media, but Ali rarely did it with a pile of money in his hands. He actually stood up for and connected with the common man’s struggle, and that’s what people loved about him. Mayweather, on the other hand, has missed out on the greatest civil rights movement in the last 50 years, mainly because he was off counting his money. That might actually be a very sad and shallow existence.


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