Former CEO of 5Link Enterprises In Hot Water


By Nigel Boys

In a federal lawsuit filed this week in Brooklyn, New York, Arkell Cox alleges that her former boss and CEO of the Rochester-based marketing firm 5Link Enterprises, was so fixated on her breast that he suggested they have a threesome with his lover.

The Brooklyn woman, who is listed on the company’s website as “Platinum Senior Vice President,” claims that Craig Jerabeck, who left the company in September last year, was obsessed with her breasts. She further claims that his illicit partner, the company’s Human Resource director, Denise Mooney, was an accomplice to the fawning over and even touched them at one point.

While they were on a “private island” during a company retreat in Cancun, Mexico last year, Cox alleges that after Jerabeck had invited her to join them, Mooney grabbed her breast in front of 10 colleagues, the Daily Mail reports. “Oh, my god, I can’t help myself.” Mooney allegedly said while she was doing this offensive and embarrassing act.

For his part, in a reference to him and Mooney, Jerabeck reportedly told Cox, “It’s just been she and I for so long, but we think that you’re beautiful so how about it?” Both CEO and HR director vehemently deny these claims.

The New York Post reports that on another trip in the summer, Mooney and Jerabeck allegedly continued their unwanted s*xual advances towards Cox when the HR director put her face right up to her breast exclaiming: “I just love those things,” the lawsuit states.

Cox claims that although she repeatedly rejected the pair’s advances towards her, Jerabeck and his “paramour” just wouldn’t quit going on about how much they loved her breasts. “I wish you had breasts like Arkell,” Jerabeck told Mooney, according to Cox on another occasion.

The HR of 5Linx, a highly successful marketing company that sells just about everything from nutritional supplements to coffee to wireless security systems, told The Post the allegations “are complete nonsense.”

“This stuff is ludicrous. She was never touched. She was never fondled. She was never propositioned,” said Jerabeck, who is being sued by the company for allegedly lying to would-be creditors about company finances, among others. “This is an attempt by Ms. Cox and her attorney to extort money,” he added.



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