Former CSI Star’s Lawyers Want to Dump Him – He Has More Problems Than Money


By Giovanni Zaburoni

Ex-CSI actor Gary Dourdan’s life is a hot mess and now his lawyer wants to cut ties with him altogether. According to The Jasmin Brand, Dourdan has more bills than he has money. He owes more than $100,000 to an ex-girlfriend who claims he attacked her, and he’s filed for bankruptcy.

Dourdan’s lawyer says he is a nightmare to work with and he is begging a judge to let him cut ties with the troubled actor, according to Eurweb. The law firm currently representing Dourdan says he is impossible to work for. They say their relationship with the actor has gotten so bad that it is beyond repair and they no longer feel comfortable representing him. According to The Jasmine Brand, the law firm also says there are ethical reasons why they don’t want to represent Dourdan but they don’t want the reason to be released publicly. They want to share it with the courts confidentially. Eurweb carefully breaks down the actor’s list of debts:

$949k on his L.A. home mortgage

More than $200k owned in back taxes

$1,400 owed to American Express

$626 to owed to Time Warner

$4,368 in fees due to his criminal probation

$2k to a Marina Del Rey hospital

More than $2k for a storage unit

$130 for a traffic ticket

Back in 2012, Dourdan’s ex-girlfriend sued him for assault and battery. According to The Jasmine Brand, Nicole Cannizzaro claims Dourdan punched her in the face, broke her nose, and dragged her around their apartment. The then couple ended up settling out of court. Dourdan was ordered to pay $110,000 which was broken down into two $10,000 payments and 36 monthly payments of $2,500. Dourdan no longer wants to pay Cannizzaro because he claims he didn’t hurt her on purpose. He wants the entire lawsuit to be dismissed under his bankruptcy but Cannizzaro plans to fight to keep their original settlement agreement.

Dourdan has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of September 2014, the actor says he has assets totaling $988,000. He has more debt than assets. Dourdan claims to owe almost $1.5 million to creditors. He personally has $20 dollars in cash, $1,000 in his personal savings account, $1,000 worth of household items, $1,000 worth of clothing and a $1,000 watch according to Eurweb. Dourdan has been acting for decades. If this is all he has to his name, there has clearly been some mismanagement of money happening.

The judge will soon decide whether Dourdan’s lawyer can legally drop his client.




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