Gofundme campaign set up for mother who beat her son on national tv


Toya Graham is the name of the woman who was seen on television beating her son after she suspected that he was involved with the rioting and looting taking place in Baltimore last week. The nation erupted in response to the viral video of the incident, which led to broad debates on the best way to parent.

Graham has now become a hero to the right wing as the mother who took a stand to discipline her son for participating in the chaos in his city. Others feel that it’s ironic that those who are condemning the violence of the looters are supporting violence against a black child from a frustrated mother. You have to wonder: If she’d applied this violence to, say, a white police officer accused of beating her son, would she have been hailed as a hero?

Here’s some of what’s said on the Gofundme campaign:

Who’s That Lady? We Found Her! Her name is Ms. Toya Graham

Transparency: We knew this was very important, which is why we contacted the Baltimore TV station immediately (before the first donation was made) and provided our contact information and requested help with identifying and locating the mother. They helped us reach out to the daughter, but we did not get to speak to the mom until she returned from New York City, where she had appeared to do multiple news interviews.

Friday’s Update (May 1, 2015): Yesterday, we were finally able to speak to this Lady/Mom, after being in touch with her daughter for a couple of days. She has the link and can read your loving messages and continue to monitor the progress here so that she can receive 100% of the proceeds. (See her video recorded message (above) after she was stunned to see the amount of support on this page.) Her ‘Thank You’ message is based on those who have supported this effort, based on the story from WMAR TV in Baltimore: http://www.abc2news.com/news/region/baltimore-city/toya-graham-mom-who-beat-son-at-baltimore-protests-speaks-with-abc2

You can check out more of the fundraiser here, and see the video of the infamous beating below. Tell us what you think.



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