Here’s the email that alleged police shooter Gavin Long (aka Cosmo) sent out before he died


This is the message that Gavin Long, who is alleged to have shot the police officers in Baton Rouge, sent out to Dr Boyce Watkins and other individuals via email. We believe this message should be shared with the public. It is below:

Peace Family,

I just want everyone to know that if anything may happen to me or with me, I am NOT affiliated with anybody, any group, nationality, association, religion, corporation, business, etc. Yes I am apart of many, groups, businesses, and even a different nationality (Sovereign) but I am not affiliated. I Just want to make this crystal clear. I have no affiliations to no one, I think my own thoughts and make my own decisions. I am influenced & directed internally NOT externally. Also If you guys have time, I have videos on my youtube channels that you guys can save to your computer just in case anything happens. Because of course the mainstream news loves to assassinate the righteous Mans character. So for me as a Man (Protector and Provider) (And Spiritual Being) and me knowing my role as a Man, my duties as a Man, and that I determine my destiny and no one else, I am taking this Earth Plane existence day by day and even hour by hour because anything is possible from here on out. Also you can go to my website and download my episodes as well. Which my latest episode was coincidentally named “Standing Up When You Know You Are Right”. Which I recorded the day before Alton Sterlings Murder. So as usual it is normal for me to be ahead of physical manifested events that occur. You can also check out my video about fear not being real which I recorded before the Dallas event. (Youtube Video is named “We Are Built to Overcome Fear”). Lastly, I am implanting this in you: “You will win this war not with your actions, but with your responses to their actions”. (This means individually in your everyday life, and as a people.) I love my people and the Black woman more than I fear any physical entity. “I love you all, remember you are not the body, you have a body.” “The worst thing a Man can be is comfortable”. “The only thing missing from your life is you!” “Every test is yo testimony.” “Look up, get up, and dont ever give up!” –Cosmo Cosmo Setepenra Links to my 2 youtube channels: -Website: -Twitter: @ConvosWithCosmo -Facebook: Cosmo.Setepenra


Love & Money