Hollywood plans to cash in on Barack and Michelle’s love story


Millions of Americans have been long-fascinated with the fairytale romance of Barack and Michelle Obama. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood sought to cash in on the story.

Some may wonder if its too soon, but it’s been announced that a new film, “Southside With You,” is going to tell the story of the beautiful couple and their amazing children. This may be the right time to push the film, given that they’ve only got a couple more years together in the White House.

The film is going to tell the story about the first date that the couple took back in 1989 and their many years together since that time. Tiki Sumpter is slated to play Michelle Obama. Sumpter is known for her roles in films such as “The Haves and Have Nots,” and others like “Get On Up.” It is not yet known who is going to play President Obama.

Sumpter wrote the script with Richard Tanne, who has been slated to be the director. The film is set to start shooting in Chicago next summer, and will feature the day-long first date between the two many years ago….in pretty good detail.

At the time of their first date, Barack was a 27-year old first-year law student at Harvard University and summer associate at the law firm, Sidley Austin. Michelle Robinson was a 25-year old attorney with the firm, who was selected as his mentor. The two were married three years later, in 1992.

According to the story, Barack planned a slew of activities for the first date, including a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, lunch in the courtyard of the museum, and a nice walk around the city. Finally, they went to see “Do the Right Thing,” a film directed by Spike Lee.

Michelle says she gave him a kiss outside Baskin Robbins. Since that time, the two have been married for 22 years, and have also made history in the process.

The filmmakers currently expect to have a release date of Valentine’s Day, 2016.

Are you going to see the film? Do you feel that it’s too soon to make it? Also, what do you think are the disparities between the romanticized story about Barack and Michelle and the realities of their true marital hardships? Has their relationship been oversimplified for public consumption or perhaps as a distraction to American voters?



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