Inmate’s Six Day Erect!on Won Him $750,000 For Jail’s Neglect


By Nigel Boys

Claiming that an untreated erect!on for six days permanently cost him his s*xual virility, a former Manhattan Detention Complex inmate sued the New York jail for $11 million. He was imprisoned for 30 months for parole violation.

However, just before his case went to trial against the jail and one of its doctors, 51-year-old Rodney Cotton accepted a settlement for $750,000, reported the New York Daily News.

The incident reportedly happened on July 4, 2011 when Cotton asked to be taken to the jail’s clinic when he suffered an erect!on that would not go away for hours. The problem surfaced after receiving the antidepressant Risperdal. Cotton claims that he was told by one prison guard that he would have to wait until after the Independence Day holiday before he could see a doctor.

Cotton decided that he couldn’t wait that long to see a doctor, so he allegedly faked chest pains, according to the Portland Sun Times. However, he didn’t receive adequate treatment for his erect!on and was given only ice packs and Tylenol by two doctors.

After sitting with the ice packs for hours each day in the hopes it ease his pain, Cotton was finally seen by a third doctor and taken to the Bellevue Hospital Center, after his mother intervened on his behalf, according to DNA info.

Although Cotton underwent surgery to relieve the swelling caused by priapism, which causes its victims to suffer painful erect!ons without s*xual stimulation for hours, he had allegedly already lost the ability to maintain an erect!on, according to the lawsuit.

“If I had the choice between the reward and having my manhood restored, I’d have my manhood restored in a heartbeat,’ Cotton told the Daily News. “’I have to readjust my manhood. I have to readjust myself because I’m not even whole,” he added to DNA info.

Although Cotton was told by doctors at Manhattan Detention Complex upon his return that the stitches required during his operation would dissolve on their own, they should have been removed after 7 to 10 days, according to court documents. After almost one month, the stitches had become embedded in the skin of Cotton’s pen!s and although they were then removed, no anesthetic was used during their removal, according to the Sun Times.

The Daily News reports that Cotton claims he suffered “permanent injuries to his pen!s” and “loss of function” due to the negligence of doctors at the correctional facility and the lack of concern from guards when he cried out for their help. “They took my manhood!” Cotton said. “It’s embarrassing. We’re here to create. I can’t perform my duties as a man.”

“He made numerous complaints of a priapism condition, for which inadequate care and attention was provided by the infirmary on premises,” Cotton’s lawsuit claimed. “He suffered permanent injuries to his pen!s, including loss of function, mutilation of penis, continued pain and discomfort…,” it continued.

“I had to wear briefs or boxers. I couldn’t wear jeans,” Cotton said. “They had me walking around like that for almost a week.”

The correctional facility doctors who first saw Cotton worked for Corizon, a for-profit company that runs health care in city jails, according to DNA info. The report continues that the company has been criticized in the past for not providing adequate care to inmates.

DNA info reported that the city of New York has recently decided that when their contract with Corizon expires at the end of 2015, they will not be renewing their services.

“While we cannot comment specifically on an individual’s course of treatment, as a physician-led company our goal is to provide skilled and compassionate care to each of our patients,” read a statement from Corizon defending their services.



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