Japanese billionaire paid millions for adult film to be his personal assistant


By Ryan Brennan

As cliché as it sounds, can money buy happiness? Well, according to one quasi-anonymous Chinese billionaire, the answer is yes.

This billionaire reportedly “secured the services” of a Japanese adult film star, Rola Misaki. For the next 15 years, she is under contract as the Chinese billionaire’s personal assistant and protégé. Costing him $8 million, it won’t be that big of a loss considering he’s filthy rich.

However, the weirdness doesn’t end there. You would think that someone with as much money as this man would be very well-known. However, no one seems to really know who this billionaire is exactly, and he has gone to some extensive lengths to make sure it remains that way. Recently, he was photographed with Misaki, but was wearing a mask while it happened.

The billionaire is rumored to be a figure in the entertainment industry. Known for his large spending habits, it seems that the only people who would recognize him would be those with knowledge of the uber-successful in Chinese show business. However, for everyone else, they will have to associate him with his nickname, “Serious Brother.”

The actual contract Misaki signed with Serious Brother is rather mysterious. The $8 million amount comes from a report that showed she was signed for a sum of 1 billion yen, which is even more impressive-sounding than the US dollar amount. However, no one is quite sure of the actual terms of the 15-year contract.

For many, the obvious conclusion to be made here is that this Chinese billionaire has hired an adult film star to work as his personal friend with benefits. People only hope that the two will make things work, at least for the length of the contract.

As for the legality of all this, it doesn’t seem to concern China all that much. Despite having a government with strict rules when it comes to censoring their internet communication and other forms of political speech, the country seems to be quite lax when it comes to s*x work and adult films. So, even if it became public that the billionaire was paying Misaki for intercourse, it probably wouldn’t be much of a big deal.

However, taking a closer look, $8 million isn’t really that much when you consider the 15-year time length. That is only roughly $500,000 per year. But wait, that’s more than most doctors earn in a year, so maybe she’s doing OK.



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