Kendu Issacs’ Spousal Support Demands From Mary J. Blige


By Ryan Velez

Following his estrangement from his superstar wife, Kendu Isaacs has demanded over $100,000 a month in spousal support from Mary J. Blige, according to a report from Bossip. Filed last week, the paperwork calling for this came from The Daily Mail, telling the Los Angeles courts that this is needed due to a substantial change in Issacs’ financial situation.

What made the difference? Issacs claims that he pulled a significant payday when the two were together, as he handled all of Blige’s financial decisions and acted as her manager with 10% commission. The formal text from the filings stated:

“Mr. Isaacs was Ms. Blige’s personal manager for more than one decade and throughout the entire marriage. Mr. Isaacs has negotiated practically every deal on behalf of Ms. Blige, and based upon Ms. Blige’s income over the years, their relationship has been financially lucrative. During the marriage, Mr. Isaacs was compensated 10% of all gross income received by Ms. Blige.”

The breakdown for this sizable sum includes Issacs’ monthly expenses, which may raise some eyebrows. This includes $5,000 a month to support his parents, $4,971 for two children from a past relationship, $1,200 he pays on eating out and the $60,000 in rent he owes to several properties The document also says that he pays nearly $2,500 on auto expenses and transportation, $5,708 for a housekeeper and maintenance on his properties and another $1,723 on groceries.

Part of the need for “temporary spousal support” is due to the fact that Kendu says that he will be unable to ” get a job in entertainment” after the extremely public relationship and breakup with Blige. He also blames Blige’s “divorce songs” and portrayal of him in interviews for vilifying him, hurting his career as a result.

While he did sign a prenuptial agreement two days before getting married, he claims it is invalid because he “didn’t understand” what he was signing. In addition, he states that he did not have legal representation when signing the agreement, which waived spousal support, while Blige did. One thing to note is that in these same documents, Blige has already been shown to help out, giving Issacs $35,000 in August, $50,000 in September, $25,000 in October, $30,000 in January this year and another $30,000 last month for spousal support, in addition to $55,000 for his legal counsel.



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