Ladies: Find Out If He’s Only After You For Your Money


By Ryan Velez

The concept of the gold-digger is something that any self-made person may be afraid of thinking about. In many of the pop-culture trends, this figure tends to lean towards women targeting men, but Madame Noire recently put together an article pointing out that the opposite can also apply. Here are some potential signs to look out for to see if you are with a man looking for money more so than a relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with having opinions about finances. In fact, you’d rather prefer that than someone who is lazy with their money. However, if you're close to someone who is overly opinionated or pushy in matters regarding your work or your own personal financial decisions, he may be worried about his share of the pie rather than trying to be noble. In the same vein, if he becomes paranoid over money that you may lend to a family member or friend, it may be out of concern and “guarding the treasure,” rather than looking out in your best interest.

In addition, you may want to consider the root of his money issues and how exactly he wants to spend money when he does have it. There are plenty of hard-working people who end up down on their luck and are looking to get back on the horse. However, if he gets defensive anytime work comes up or is constantly hinting at your making purchases then getting upset when you don’t do it, there may be another issue at hand. It’s not a good sign if your partner wants to live beyond his means but has no interest in putting together any effort to do so.

Being the breadwinner in a relationship isn’t an indictment of your partner. In the same vein, being a woman of means doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to attract people looking to leech off your money. However, it’s still important to make sure that there is a balance in responsibilities and expectations. If you are concerned that your partner is more focused on your finances than you, consider pursuing counseling of the relationship is something that you think is worth saving.



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