Lawsuit: Pharrell’s Business Partners Claim He Abandoned Their Venture for “The Voice”


By Michal Ortner

Pharrell Williams has found himself in a legal dispute with his ex-business partners that helped him launch the “ARTST TLK w/ Pharrell Williams.” The program was intended to be a “progressive” format of a talk show that would “explore motivations and inspirations of some of the world’s most creative people.” However, that endeavor was abandoned by Williams and left his partners out in the cold.

Williams decided to abandon the project in order to fulfill a position as a judge on “The Voice.” His former partners have filed a suit against him, stating that he broke contract with them and should have to provide some type of compensation using his compensation from his position on “The Voice.”

The partners are particularly interested in regaining the financial contributions that they made when they invested in the ARTST TLK project. Williams is not overly concerned about the lawsuit because he says that the contract removes responsibility from his shoulders because there was a conflict of schedule. “Pharrell was attempting to deceive the court about the terms of the agreement,” the former partnering producers stated in a rebuttal. They claim that Williams has no reasonable grounds to dismiss himself from season 2 of the Youtube program and that “the only provision is they have to agree upon a schedule.” According to the partners, the agreement never stated that Williams could completely quit the show.

They also believe that Williams has the time in his schedule to fulfill the contract because he does not work daily for “The Voice,” which leaves him with the opportunity to keep his commitment to ARTST TLK for at least one more season.

Williams explained to the court that despite the issue at hand, he was not giving up his spot as a judge for “The Voice.”

Another breach of agreement was presented by the former partners that stated Williams was in the wrong for releasing episodes of the talk show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio Program. The show, “OTHERtone” is a breach in the deal that they originally made.

On January 22 the most recent court documents were filed by the Uncommon Content Partners who are demanding that Williams give rights to view his “The Voice” contract so that it will support their argument that he only dropped the ARTST TLK project because of the high paying salary that the show offered.



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