Love & Hip-hop star with 10 kids jailed for not being able to pay child support

Rapper with 10 kids jailed for not paying child support
Rapper with 10 kids jailed for not paying child support

So apparently Rich Dollaz is not living up to his name. Didn’t he learn from Stevie J and his child support situation? Evidently not! The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ st...


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One of the consistent things we share and teach in the context of Financial Lovemaking is the important role that family planning plays in your ability to be financially secure. Apparently, the rapper/producer “Rich Dollaz” from Love & Hip-Hop never learned this lesson, for he has been jailed for being unable to pay his child support.
“Rich Dollaz,” whose real name is Richard Trowers, was picked up by the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office on several outstanding warrants involving child support. One of the warrants was for a $12,000 debt, and another was for $188,000, so he’s in big trouble and will probably never be out of debt.
In this episode of Financial Lovemaking, S. Tia Brown and I discuss the implications of poor family planning and why shows like this are absolutely horrible templates for love and relationships in the black community. As long as we keep having kids out of wedlock with men who are unwilling to provide for them, the next generation will struggle.
You can either watch the video below or download the podcast and listen to the conversation. It’s very interesting.



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