Love & Hip-Hop: The blueprint on how to ruin your life, money and relationships


by Dr Boyce Watkins

I hate the show “Love & Hip-Hop” because I love it when I see it. The gripping drama, chaos and mystery that sucks in millions of viewers is what keeps my eyes glued to the TV when I run across the channel. But I choose not to turn the show on for the same reasons that a married man may ask a beautiful woman to keep her clothes on: He’s not rejecting her because she’s unattractive, he’s sending her away because he knows that the temptation might ruin the thing that he values the most.

Steve J and Joseline are two intriguing characters on the show who seem to bring in the highest ratings, but the most negative energy. Their lives appear to be a complete mess, with Stevie J owing over a million dollars in child support and the couple physically attacking nearly everyone on the show. They are surely interesting to watch for those who enjoy witnessing wide open displays of mental illness, but sad to watch if you actually care about the subject’s well-being.

In this Financial Lovemaking discussion, I speak with Ebony Magazine Entertainment Director S. Tia Brown about the show and the kinds of messages being sent when young people regularly observe adult “role models” engaging in harmful, dysfunctional and destructive behavior. My assessment is that if you’re seeking to ruin yourself financially, emotionally and otherwise, these shows provide the blueprint for incredibly poor personal and familial choices.

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I watch the show purely for entertainment purposes. I would say for sure this isn't something that younger generation should be watching at all. It's bad enough they have to listen to this crazy music out here.


This title alone is enough to make you think. LOL. I don't watch it either... definitely fabricated to a degree. Soap opera..... I think it's an interesting case study at any rate. Shows the destruction that the exploitation of one another has caused.


I have to say i agree love and hip-hop is sending the wrong message to the younger generation in many ways. i think its fake if u ask me that's why i do not watch it.

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