Man Shocked After an Uber Ride on New year’s Eve Cost Him Over $1,100


By Victor Ochieng

He realized that the figure had been charged to his account right after he got off the Uber. According to him, that figure was exuberant compared to normal charges made during high peak seasons.

“We use Uber all the time, so it was the first choice for me,” said Lindsay. “I’ve taken a similar route at peak time before and it cost me about $77.”

Lindsay and some of his friends were at a wedding. After the celebration, the Uber driver first dropped off Lindsay’s friends then negotiated his way to Castle Downs neighborhood, where he dropped off Lindsay before proceeding to St. Albert to drop two others. That made it a long distance, but still, the charges were ridiculously high, according to Lindsay.

“It was a long trip. A total of 63 kilometers.” (39 miles)

“A 60 minute ride for a thousand dollars,” he said. “I could fly across the world for this price. Instead, I went from one end of the city to another.”

For someone who had previously paid only $77 for an Uber ride, the thought of the fee hitting more than $1,000 couldn’t cross his mind. The ride would normally cost him $125, but that was multiplied by 8.9.

“It’s a long trip, that’s an understandable rate. But once you tack on 8.9 times it definitely surges right up there.”

While someone might have thought that the charges were a mistake, that isn’t what the company said.

An Uber spokesperson sent an email to CTV News explaining what had happened. In the email, the spokesperson clarified that the high pricing is at times applied during the high seasons as incentives for drivers to take the rides. This is because many drivers would opt to stay at home with their families if the charges are the same and there are no incentives at all for them.

“They just haven’t acknowledged the fact that this is an unfathomable price,” says Lindsay. “It’s a ridiculous, outrageous price.”

Lindsay has revealed that he has chosen to come out and air his story to send a warning to other Uber customers.

“Definitely do your research,” said Lindsay as a warning to those who would like to take Uber rides. “Make sure that you get the estimate, and know what you’re getting into.”



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