Maria Carey Says She’s “more financially successful” After Firing Staff


By Robert Stitt

She told TMZ that she is now at the top of her game after she “dismissed a majority of my team because I discovered that they didn’t have my best interests at heart. My new team, including manager Stella Bulochnikov are the top of the line in the entertainment business and more importantly in my life and I am now much more financially successful and more organized than in the past.”

Carey’s statements contradict the rumors that place her on the receiving end of a walkout. EurWeb reports that after having one too many run-ins with Carey’s micro-managing style and heavy-handed manager, Bulochnikov, her “business manager Michael Kane, publicist Connie Filippello, domestic publicist Chris Chambers, tour manager Michael Richardson, travel manager Gaylin Winkler and stylist Wilfredo Rosado, who designed her engagement ring, all quit on the spot.”

Carey is in the middle of a European tour promoting her newest album, “#1 To Infinity”. She says that with her new crew everything is working flawlessly and they all support her efforts.

Regardless of which side is telling the truth, the new team did stick together well enough to pull her through a quick tour change. After the recent terror attack in Belgium, she was advised to cancel her tour stop in Brussels. The tour was quickly altered and Carey wrote to her fans, “I love my fans in Brussels and at this time I am being advised to cancel my shows for the safety of my fans, my band, crew and everyone involved with the tour. I hope to see you soon and send my prayers and eternal love, laughter, and light to my Lambs.”

As far as her staff is concerned, since many of those who were either fired or walked off had been with Carey for 20 years or more, it may be too soon to say how well the newbies are going to fare. Time will tell.



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