Mariah Carey Allegedly Struggling to Sell Vegas Tickets As J.Lo and Brittney Spears Sell Out


By Robert Stitt

Sadly, Naughty Gossip has reported that ticket sales for her Las Vegas show are dwindling, and that’s not good because they were not moving very fast to begin with.

Apparently, Carey’s show is not as desirable as her competition: J.Lo and Brittney Spears. According to the gossip rag, “Britney and J.Lo’s shows are non-stop action and high energy, while all Mariah has to offer is her voice.” The result was close to 4,000 unsold tickets in just a two-week period.

An “inside source” reports that to keep Carey in the dark about the show’s failure, her staff is giving the tickets away in order to fill the seats. Those that paid for any seat at all get moved down to the best seats in the house.

The reality is that a show bleeding cash cannot go on. The “insider” fears “That will kill her, especially with J.Lo selling out across the street.”

This is particularly insightful since just last week Carey took another stab at Lopez saying she “still doesn’t know” her. This refers to a shot she took at Lopez almost 15 years ago when she said Beyonce was “nice” but of Lopez, she said, “I don’t know her” and shook her head. Last year during the Billboard Music Awards, Carey performed while Lopez sat in the audience checking out Instagram during her number.

When you consider that Perez Hilton writes “Mariah Carey has seen MAJOR success with her Las Vegas residency since its debut last May! Both fans and critics alike are hailing the Caesars Palace show as a must see hit! For all those Lambs who didn’t haven’t yet gotten a chance to see Mariah #1 To Infinity, fear not…,” it sure makes you wonder who the “insider” is. J Lo?

In a world filled with divas, anything is possible.



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