Mary J. Blige’s Ex Husband Demands $129,000 Per Month From The Artist In Spousal Support


By Victor Ochieng

Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, 49, wants the music icon to part with some money towards his personal training, set aside $1,000 a month for new clothes, and pay for a private chef for him.

The 45-year-old Blige filed for divorce back in July, underlining that they had irreconcilable differences. The filing came 13 years after their December 2003 wedding. The singer also fired Isaacs from his position as her personal manager, a position he served since their marriage. Isaacs notes in his filing that Blige’s move has left him with “no source of income.

In the filing, which was made on Monday at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Isaacs says he used to make a monthly income of $46,204 during his tenure as his wife’s manager, mentioning that he made a sum of $554,465 last year from that position.

He claims he only has $4.5 million in personal assets and that his financial status has “changed significantly in the last 12 months” as a result of their differences.

Blige gave her estranged husband $35,000 in August and $50,000 the following month towards spousal support. She also gave him $25,000 for legal counsel. Being used to high spending, Isaacs has spent all the money since he had to secure new accommodation following their fallout, he notes in his filing. He even says his bank account is already overdrawn to the tune of -$13,104.

Even though the two are clearly going different ways, Isaacs still wants to maintain his lavish lifestyle that was characterized with traveling in private jets, enjoying meals at high-end restaurants and hanging around A-list celebrities, the Monday filing notes.

After putting his budget items into consideration, Isaacs says he spends $161,434 a month and he would like Blige to take care of $129,319 of that budget.

In addition to the $8,000 he’s demanding for a private chef and the $3,200 for a personal trainer, Isaacs also wants the singer to pay him $5,000 monthly for his parents and $71,000 to clear the rent he owes to different properties.

Isaacs cited several reasons why he needed the support, including pointing out that he pays $5,000 every month in child support from a past relationship, $2,500 in transportation and auto expenses, $5,708 towards maintenance and repair of his properties and $5,732 on grocery expenses.

That’s not all; he also wants help in paying $21,677 he gives towards charitable causes and $10,000 he parts with towards entertainment, gifts and holidays.

Isaacs is also demanding $100,000 from Blige to cater for his legal expenses. It must have been a serious challenge for him getting all the figures for his lawsuit and that could be the reason why he wants his ex to give him $30,000 for his forensic accounting fees.

In spite of the fact that the two signed a deal ahead of their wedding, agreeing a waiver on spousal support, Isaacs is dismissing it, claiming that he didn’t have legal representation at the time yet Blige had.

He, therefore, argues that at the time of appending his signature to the agreement, he didn’t quite comprehend its consequences.



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