Meet Jeff Tweedy – The Man Behind Sean John’s Success


By: Giovanni Zaburoni

He started the fashion label Sean John and over time, the label has transformed from baseball hats and t-shirts to dresses, suits, topcoats, ties, and watches. Throughout this transformation, retail connoisseur Jeff Tweedy has been pulling all the right strings to make the company succeed with Diddy right there by his side.

Tweedy has been in the retail game since he was legally able to work. According to Rolling Out magazine, Tweedy started working at Washington D.C.’s Britches of Georgetown, then moved on to Neiman Marcus. He’s worked as a vice president for Karl Kani Jeans, was the Knitwear national sales manager at Hugo Boss, and was also a sales manager at Ralph Lauren in their Women’s Wear department. Tweedy says, “I knew I was passionate about the business in a big way.”

His enthusiasm for mixing business and fashion has taken him and the Sean John Label very far. Part of Tweedy’s job at the label is letting the consumer know that they’re not just wearing clothes when they put on Sean Jean apparel. They are living a lifestyle. According to Rolling Out Magazine, Tweedy says three words describe the designer label: fashion, lifestyle, and luxury. These are all things that describe Diddy’s life. Tweedy says,” I think it’s all one. Mr. Combs has always talked about and been a part. Every time you see him he exudes it on yachts, wearing beautiful suits. There’s a certain lifestyle that our consumer embraces and we want to play a major part in it.”

Tweedy did spend some time away from the Sean John label as he honed his craft. He left to work for G-III Apparel Group as their sportswear division president. Two years later he went back to Sean John and five years after that in 2012, he became president of the company. Tweedy helped ink the deal between Sean John and Macys and he says the fashion label’s customer base is extremely important. According to Rolling Out magazine, Tweedy says, “It’s the largest department store in the world. They are great partners. They have stores all across the country. That ensures that our consumers from Seattle to Miami to Texas and Buffalo can access our goods.”

Tweedy says when the fashion line started, they were in competition with 36 other companies with similar products. Those companies no longer exist and Sean John rakes in more than $525 million every year.



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