Mo’Nique Claims Lee Daniels Cheated Her, Gabourey Sidibe Out of Millions in “Precious” Movie Deal


Reported by Liku Zelleke

The movie, of course, was an instant hit and went on to gross $47.5 million at the domestic box office.

Mo’Nique made the statement during an interview with Variety as the world gets ready for the Academy Awards that will be held on Sunday. She said that the only reason she signed the contract was because she trusted director Lee Daniels, who was a friend.

“There was a backend, in all fairness. But the end it was behind, it was the double triple quadruple backend,” she said. “Because Lee Daniels was my friend, he said, ‘This is what.’ And we said, ‘Okay.’ That movie made a lot of money all over the world. And again you have to ask yourself, ‘Why is it that we don’t take part in it [financially]?’ Myself and Gabourey Sidibe, we should have become multi-millionaires off that movie, had we been given the right information. We weren’t given the right information. If you’re not given the right information, it doesn’t allow you to negotiate fairly.”

The friendship with Daniels did make it past that deal (well, sort of), it seems. When asked if she still talked to him, Mo’Nique said, “I haven’t spoken to Lee Daniels in a while. But when I say someone is my friend, I don’t say that lightly. Whenever my friend is ready to have a conversation, I’m right here.”

She added, “I never stopped speaking to him. I don’t like the play on words… Sometimes people don’t have [friends]; it’s Hollywood. You ever have a friend that they just get to show off? You still love them, but you have to let them get through it. And when they get finished showing off and they knock on the door and they open it up and they come with their arms extended and you hug them. That’s all that is. Whenever he’s ready to reconnect, I’m right here. I’m a connector.”



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