Muhammed Ali’s Family Still In Bitter Feud Over $40 Millon Fortune


By Victor Ochieng

Reports now reveal that the brother, Rahman Ali, was locked out of a meeting organized by the family in Los Angeles to discuss the former heavyweight champion’s estate and its management. Further reports have it that Ali’s son, Muhammad Ali Jr., has vowed that his uncle won’t receive any money from his father’s will even as row between his 73-year-old uncle and his father’s wife Lonnie continues.

According to a report by Christopher Bucktin, Sunday Mirror’s US Editor, Ali Jr. said during an interview that the family is ready to “go through hell” as they resolve the arising issues.

Ali Jr. said he hoped relatives were ready to dig into their pockets to support his uncle Rahman who’s been said to have Parkinson’s disease, the same illness that saw Muhammad Ali suffer for decades before he succumbed in June this year.

Speaking to the newspaper, Muhammad Ali Jr. said, “Rahman is really hurt because Lonnie didn’t invite him to the family part of the funeral. He was meant to be at the hospital, but she didn’t tell him about that.”

In spite of the fact that he’s said confidently that his uncle wouldn’t directly benefit from the will, he noted, “He would benefit from the will the most. I’ll give him some… I feel we all should. It could be the final nail in the coffin if we don’t help him.”

Howard Gosser, a longtime friend of Ali Sr., claimed Lonnie had her brother in law Rahman arrested after reports came out that he took possession of their late parent’s house and even removed some of their furniture. Rahman was also reportedly suspicious of Lonnie’s relationship with his Ali.

Ali Jr. revealed he had not previously seen eye to eye with his stepmother Lonnie, but they’ve since reconciled as they focus on dividing up the will.

The departed Ali did very well to put everything in his will. This became clear after the law firm dealing with Ali’s matters revealed that the boxer’s trust was concluded over a decade ago and that it was all in Lonnie’s hand to have it administered the way it is, reported the Sunday Mirror.

However, “the details of the trust are and should remain a private matter,” said Lawyer Jeffrey K Eisen.

The recent report on the family row is emerging only a few days after Muhammad Ali’s Kentucky home was put on sale for $2.2 million.



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