NBA Player Thabo Sefolosha Receives $4 Million Dollars To Drop Police Brutality Lawsuit


By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

the truth of the matter is that they deal with pressure. Because of the pressure athletes face everyday, they have to remain focused at all times.

Can we admit that it’s nothing wrong with going out and having fun? Think about it for moment – everyone needs to let loose and not always remain serious. However, when you are out having fun and something happens that involves law enforcement, it’s best to get out of their way and allow them to do what they have to do.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in April 2015 when Atlanta Hawks player Thabo Sefolosha was arrested for interfering with a crime scene. In the process of Sefolosha being arrested, he suffered a broken leg that caused him to miss the rest of the season.

The Daily Mail reports, “Sefolosha, who was acquitted of all charges by a jury in October 2015, was arrested for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of governmental administration, for allegedly interfering with the set up a crime scene outside of 1Oak nightclub in Chelsea, New York the previous April.”

Sefolosha has just received a $4 million settlement from the city of New York in exchange for dropping police brutality charges against the five officers involved in the incident.

“This settlement is not a concession that Mr. Sefolosha was blameless in this matter and there was no admission of liability by the defendants,’ the city Law Department said in a statement.”

“But in light of the gravity of his injuries, the potential impact on his career as a professional athlete and the challenge for a jury in sorting out the facts in this incident, the resolution of the case was in the best interests of the City.”

Source Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him at or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey


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