New Company Creates Greeting Cards For Ex’s


By Robert Stitt

Ken and Wanda Bass are the founders of XCards, a greeting card line for divorced or separated couples who still “wish to maintain amicable relationships with their ex-spouses, former in-laws, or parent of their children.”

The Bass’s were married for 15 years before their marriage fizzled. It didn’t mean they loved their children less, however, and they knew that they needed to get along for the sake of their two boys. It wasn’t always easy to know what to say or do, but they worked through the years of awkward communication. They did find that during the holidays there were no cards that said “I loved you, but…” Even so, they knew it was important to send a card, but where to find one?

According to Essence, Ken and Wanda Bass found that they were not alone in their quest. Many other formerly married couples wanted to keep in touch, but found it hard to find the right card for the various occasions. Putting their differences aside, the couple decided to write the cards themselves.

What came of their collaboration was a partnership that grew into a business. Xcards met a need in the market that did not previously exist. There are a lot of divorcees and separated parents in America, and many millions more around the world. With a divorce rate at over 50 percent and millions of children born out of wedlock, the Bass’s knew that the need for their services was only going to grow. With Xcards, those who want to maintain positive interactions with each other now have card choices to help them do so.

The Bass’s say that the process has strengthened their relationship with each other as co-parents raising their children.



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