Octavia Spencer wins a $1 million dollar lawsuit over her hashtag


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Whenever you sign a contract to act as a spokesperson, you need to know what you can and can’t do. The worst thing that can happen is a misunderstanding whereby one or both parties find themselves in court arguing.

Case in point – Weight-loss company Sensa Products find themselves paying Octavia Spencer nearly $1 million dollars for wrongful termination of her endorsement contract.

Spencer, an actress who is Sensa’s former spokesperson, sued the company in August for terminating her contract on August 6th. The reason was because she used the hashtag #spon, abbreviated for ‘sponsored’ in her tweets advertising the product. They still owe her roughly $700,000.

“Sensa claimed that it was because of her tweets that the campaign was ineffective, but Spencer said that there were no stipulations in her contract permitting what hashtags she couldn’t use. Additionally, Spencer said that she completed her end of the deal, losing a required 20 pounds and allowing Sensa to use before and after photos of her,” stated Essence.com.

Even though Sensa was ordered to pay Spencer for terminating her contract, it may take a while. “Unfortunately, given Sensa’s current financial state, Spencer might have to just consider this a moral victory as it’s unlikely she will see any of the money from the court ruling. Here’s something positive – Spencer had a will to fight for what was right,” BET reported.

Without a doubt, this is a lesson in understanding contracts between a company and a spokesperson.

Source: Essence and BET

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