Old Spice Lawsuits Escalates As More Injuries Are Reported


By Robert Stitt

When you put on deodorant you want to feel refreshed and confident. Where does searing, burning pain from chemical burns play in this equation? This is the question the members of a class action lawsuit are asking the Old Spice parent company, Proctor and Gamble.

According to a lawsuit, thousands of victims were subject to painful injuries that “range from rashes to third-degree chemical burns.” The attorney for the plaintiffs said, “Indeed, the problem is rampant, and rather than acknowledge the serious issue, the defendant is concealing it in order to continue selling the product and reaping windfall profits.”

Documents further noted that “Deodorant is not intended to cause burning, rashes, irritation and other discomfort.” Proctor and Gamble did not dispute this fact, but they did question the extent of the probe. According to EurWeb, the company acknowledges that “a small number of men” had an allergic reaction because of “irritation due to alcohol sensitivity.”

The New York Daily News lists the products in question as “13 Old Spice deodorant products — including Swagger Classic Fresh and Pure Sport High Endurance”.

The lead plaintiff, Rodney Colley says that the P&G website claimed that the deodorant had “no known effect” for skin irritation, yet, when he used it “he developed severe rashes under his arms forcing him to immediately stop using the deodorant.” He has posted pictures on several sites showing the burns he suffered in his armpits.

Colley is seeking class-action status because of the number of complaints he says are out there. According to the court documents, he feels that it would be too great of a burden on the plaintiffs and on the court system for each person to have to file separately. He also believes that while the overall damages will amount to several millions of dollars, the individual compensation will be smaller and thus many people would not file because of individual court costs.

The class action lawsuit is demanding “at least $25,000 in damages for each Old Spice victim.”



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