Oprah Winfrey Tweets about Bread and Makes a Whopping $12 Million


By Angela Wills

The Queen of Daytime Television recently sent out a tweet about bread that made her some major dough, to say the least. She sent out one, yes just ONE tweet about eating bread, and it earned her $12 million. WOW!!

Winfrey’s tweet included the text, “Eat bread. Lose weight. Whaaattt (sic)? #ComeJoinMe”. That’s right, those are the million dollar words right there.

The video was delivered with great sentiment as Oprah declared, “This is the joy for me. I love bread! I love bread. I now just manage it. I have bread every day. That’s the genius of this program! I have lost 26 pounds.”

The tweet was in connection with Winfrey’s Weight Watchers journey and was accompanied by an attachment of a 20-second clip of her personal story with Weight Watchers. In the content of the tweet, Winfrey addressed the fact that she was able to eat bread and also lose weight. Combine that message with her video and the weight loss company, which Winfrey has shares in, gained magnificent advertising ground.

The media super mogul became co-owner of Weight Watchers in October of 2015. She purchased 10 percent of the business and signed on to sponsor its new advertising campaign, as well as document her very own New Year journey to living healthier.

A television advertisement for Weight Watchers done by Winfrey was presented over the Christmas holiday. It served as great motivation for anyone desiring to lose the weight gained during the holidays.

In the commercial, flashbacks of her efforts to lose weight in the past were shown as the billionaire prompted fans and viewers to accompany her in her latest efforts to slim down and live healthy by saying, “If not now, when?”

According to Market Watch, the rise in shares for Weight Watchers sent the price up by $2, and because Oprah owns approximately 6 million shares, that one tweet earned her a whopping $12 million.

Oprah is not only eating bread, she’s also raking it in with her personal weight loss journey.



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