Ouch: Oscar De La Renta’s Adopted Son Gets Hardly Any of his $26 Million


By Victor Ochieng

The celebrated Dominican couturier died on October 20, 2014 at the age of 82 after battling with cancer. And now the details of his will relating to his $26 million estate, which he signed several weeks before his death, have been disclosed.

Moises, 30, was 1 day old when he was adopted in 1983 by de la Renta from an orphanage on their native island, the Dominican Republic. This was after his first wife, Françoise de Langlade, died of cancer.

Moises was de la Renta’s only son.

In what appears to be a twist of events, de la Renta nearly snubbed Moises, only allotting him a paltry fraction of his $26 million estate, thanks to the duo’s fallout in 2009. The celebrity fashion designer seemed to have held a grudge against his adopted son, which he nursed until his death.

The fallout occurred after Moises announced that he was creating his own collection, MDLR Black, which he claimed would “bring the de la Renta aura to a younger crowd,” something that rubbed de la Renta the wrong way and drew sharp criticism from him.

In an interview with New York magazine, he publicly blasted his son, saying “Moises did a little line, five or six pieces. But that doesn’t make a fashion designer.”

According to New York magazine, he told his son, “Moises, when I started the business, I became well known because I was making clothes that were bought by a store, and women went to that store and bought those clothes, and then people started to talk about me. Today, unfortunately, you have a lot of young kids who get a tremendous amount of press who haven’t sold a single dress.”

Even then, the younger de la Renta’s fashion line was a non-starter.

According to court documents filed in Litchfield County Probate Court in Connecticut, Annette, his wife of 25 years, will inherit all the designer’s properties and his real estate holdings, including a $13 million Park Avenue apartment, a $2.8 million Connecticut home, as well as their estate in the Dominican Republic.

The remainder of the funds was put in a trust that will be shared between his widow, her three children, and Moises, who was de la Renta’s only child.

According to Page Six, Annette will be in control of the funds, while de la Renta’s step daughter was named as an alternate executor of the will.

And to make matters worse for Moises, he cannot contest the will. According to reports, if he attempts to contest it, he will be “cut off completely.”

Page Six reported that Annette declined to comment on the matter. Moises also failed to return messages.



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