Pastor puts a Subway restaurant inside his church


by Andre Hatchett

The story was detailed on the popular television show, Undercover Boss. If you aren’t familiar with the show, business CEO’s from large corporations spend several days in disguise working alongside low level employees. This is supposed to give them a full glimpse of the operations they head from the ground up.

In this particular episode, Don Fertman, who is the Chief Development Officer for Subway’s, went undercover. He speaks with Reverend Darius Pridgen, the head pastor of the church, and they discussed how the idea of a Subway being in a church came about.

Revereand Prigen said, “The reason we actually put it in the church was because there weren’t a lot of opportunities in this neighborhood when I got here. We had a high murder rate, and a lot of people not working. So, a lot of people always talk about, ‘Just give people jobs.’ Well, that’s not the key, if they haven’t been trained. So we started collecting an offering. We called it a “franchise offering” – literally called it a “franchise offering.” But we’ve got to do more than build a business. We’ve got to train people. We try to push people into the next level of life.”

The episode is embedded below for you to watch. Just fast forward to the 24:00 mark.


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