Prince And His Philanthropic Side


By Ryan Velez

One thing that has also come forward was Prince’s philanthropic side. The Young, Black, and Fabulous reports that two Harlem organizations that Prince supported have come forward to praise him and thank him.

The first, the Uptown Dance Academy, is a Black dance school that nearly had to close its doors due to financial issues in 2014. A $250,000 donation from Prince helped avert this scenario, and a representative/dancer expressed their gratitude to ABC News.

“For someone that I have adored all my life, to give me a quarter of a million dollars, felt absolutely wonderful,” said the representative. The second group, Harlem Children’s Zone, is an organization designed to help families battle with poverty, though education, youth, and community development. They expressed their admiration of Prince in a heartfelt statement from President Geoffrey Canada:

“To the world Prince was an incredible, unique genius who reached multiple generations of fans, but to the Harlem Children’s Zone he was a wonderful benefactor who personally reached out to us to donate a million dollars. He said he wanted to help prepare the next generation for college. He did so quietly, stating he wanted other artists to contribute to improving the conditions of the disadvantaged in this world. We have a special love for him as a musician, social activist and human being. He will be sorely missed.”

While Prince never broadcasted his good deeds and contributions, many organizations and friends of his have come forward to let the world know of his charitable work. Good friend Tamron Hall explained how “He didn’t want people to know all of the ways he helped other people…He did it as this silent angel including how he helped me, in my life, on many occasions.” Hall also said that Prince “was much more than music and I think people know that.”

CNN’s Van Jones also came forward to talk about Prince’s quiet but generous support of his Rebuild the Dream charity and Yes We Code campaign, designed to forward tech education in black communities. Jones told CNN about Prince’s belief that “young people could change the world,” and also mentioned his support of Black Lives Matter, who he wanted to help become “an economic force.” Prince participated in a charity concert along with Beyonce, Jay-Z and other Tidal artists this last October that raised $1.5 million for Black Lives Matter. His love and connection to his home state of Minnesota has also been well-documented.



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