Rapper and Actor DMX Settles Financial Matters With Ex-Wife


Reported by Liku Zelleke

Well, it looks like the soon-to-be ex-couple has finally found the optimal solution to their financial dispute and have agreed to settle their divorce for once and for all; this is according to a BOSSIP exclusive report.

Although the duo wouldn’t go into any details, they did appear with their lawyers in front of the Westchester County Supreme Court to make the announcement on Tuesday.

Inside, DMX had told the judge that he had gone through the settlement terms and had found them satisfactory and thus agreed to the terms.

By way of confirmation, Judge John Colangelo asked him, “Do you understand this is the full and final stipulated settlement between the parties?”

To which he replied, “Yes.”

The same answer came from Tashera when she too was asked the same question.

She added, “I’ve read it all; I’m happy with it.”

The exact terms of the settlement will remain between the ex-couple – for now, at least – as they weren’t discussed or disclosed during the hearing and, like their clients, the respective lawyers Adrienne Orbach (on DMX’s side) and Joseph Daniels (on Tashera’s side) had no comments once everyone stepped outside.

The DMX-Tashera divorce might end amicably now but it had its bumps along the way. Late last year, the judge had put out a warrant for DMX’s arrest after he failed to make an appearance at a hearing.

Had they not reached the deal on Tuesday, the duo would have had to go through a trial.

Before she filed for divorce in 2013, DMX and Tashera had been married for 14 years and have four kids. The separation will be final once the lawyers file the divorce papers – which they have to do by August.

After the hearing, the four (ex-couple plus lawyers) headed out for lunch together.



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