Reality TV star is a million dollars behind in child support, but is having another baby

Love & Hip-Hop star Stevie J having 7th child but iowes a million dollars in child support
Love & Hip-Hop star Stevie J having 7th child but iowes a million dollars in child support


Reported by Liku Zelleke

When it comes to Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, those that love them will be happy to hear that the couple is expecting a new addition to the family. The news was just recently announced by Stevie when he let it slip out in response to a question about whether everything was A-Ok between he and Joseline.

During an interview with V100.7 host Reggie Brown, Stevie was asked a question about whether or not his marriage with Joseline was authentic. Rumors have been doing the rounds ever since the marriage was made public and yet no marriage records or even a license could be produced or found to prove it.

“Yeah it’s all real,” Stevie said. “We got a new addition with the family too, but I don’t want to say too much, you know? We’re extending the Jordan family if you understand what I mean.”

As if wanting to make sure that he had heard it right, Brown repeated the announcement and Stevie confirmed that they were adding a new member to their family. Brown then went on to congratulate him.

As great news as it was, the topic wasn’t all centered around the new baby, though. In recent months there have been other rumors that suggest Joseline hasn’t exactly been the most faithful of wives. Stevie simply put it down to it just being that: rumors.

“They talked about Jesus, man. So who are we? At the end of the say, when they see a real powerful, strong element in our black culture, they always try to break you down. But one thing’s for certain: the Jordans are here to stay,” Stevie said.

The announcement of a new baby on the way is almost always great news to a normal family. In this case, one can’t help but wonder if it is so: This will be Stevie’s 7th child and he hasn’t been able to keep a good record when it comes to child support.

Reports show that from 1999 to 2011 he was supposed to pay $6,608.00 per month. He missed 149 payments. From 2012 to 2014 he was expected to pay $8,557.00 per month. He missed 32 payments. The total default comes to about $1,258,416.00.

You see where we’re going with this?

Financial Juneteenth lessons from this story (courtesy of Dr Boyce Watkins):

1) Out of wedlock births (these two claim they are married, but their relationship appears complicated by external factors) are an easy way to fall behind financially. Single parents struggle economically more than others, and non-custodial parents are shown little mercy by the court system when they are unable to pay. Careful family planning is an important part of your wealth building process, so proceed with caution. So, although Stevie is doing the right thing by marrying his current wife, he is also bring a million dollars in debt into his new family. This is only going to make things more difficult as it pertains to managing the relationship and the family finances.

2) If a man has trouble supporting the children he already has, it might not be a good idea to have unprotected sex with him. Your life will probably end up being similar to the lives of the other women he has impregnated in the past. Also, you can never assume that sleeping with a celebrity is the key to financial security. Many celebrities are either over-spending or live a lifestyle that is not a good fit for building a strong and stable family. You’d be better off marrying a small business owner with a good value system: Studies show that these individuals tend to accumulate the most wealth, since they work hard, make good decisions, plan for the future and don’t give all their money away.

3) Reality TV often creates the illusion that the celebs on these shows are doing well. This is a reflection of the recent bastardization of hip-hop culture, which feeds itself on the illusion of prosperity, being signaled by the accumulation of material possessions, expensive clothes, fancy cars, over-priced European brands, etc. The sad truth is that many of these reality stars are living paycheck-to-paycheck, don’t own anything, and are one cancelled TV show away from bankruptcy court. This doesn’t even count the messy lives they live in their own relationships. In fact, many of their lives are miserable.

4) One troubling tradition in some parts of the black community is that of the “rolling stone” father who earns a bit of money in his lifetime, but leaves his family nothing but tremendous confusion and a whole lot of debt. In fact, some of these men may not even have insurance when they die, making their families unable to give them a proper burial. Even worse is that some of these individuals may have earned a nice living during their lives, but failed to engage in long-term financial planning and didn’t prepare their families for the day they were gone. This is NOT responsible manhood, and no man who loves his children would ever leave them destitute upon his death. Don’t let this happen to you: Buy health and life insurance, stop giving your money away for meaningless possessions, put your children first in your decisions, and accumulate something to leave them when you are gone so that every generation doesn’t have to start over with nothing. African families understand that how you structure your family situation is a VERY important component to your ability to create inter-generational wealth.


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I think this is definitely displaying the importance of nation building. A family has to stay together in order to thrive. Also estate planning is real...choosing not to prepare properly for the future is like saying "F" your family.


Such an important lesson! I wish we lived in a culture that didn't perpetuate being single and struggling.


I agree, I am a single mother so I totally understand. taking care of a child takes a lot of money and time, so its best your stable and prepared before you start making family's.


I think everyone should take this as an important life lesson, especially considering we now promote a culture with very little emphasis on family planning and financial training.

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