Sherri Shepherd’s baby is now reportedly on welfare


by April Taylor

According to a recent exclusive interview Sherri Shepherds ex, Lamar Sally, gave to the Daily Mail, Shepherd begged to have a child with him, even before they were married. Sally says that Shepherd did not “want to be an old mother.” Sally dropped other bombshells, including claiming that the reason the couple got married after only a year of dating was because Shepherd so desperately wanted to hurry up and have child. Sally states, “I wanted to wait another year or two to get married but having a baby with me was so important to her I said OK, let’s do it.”

Sally addresses how the use of a surrogate came about, stating that he and Shepherd tried in-vitro fertilization but that Shepherd’s eggs were not viable. It was at that point that the couple allegedly decided to use Sally’s sperm and a donor egg that would be carried by a surrogate. Shepherd has accused Sally of tricking her into having the baby as a way to get child support out of her while Sally is fighting for Shepherd to take emotional and financial responsibility for a child he says she deliberately chose to bring into the world.

When it comes to money, Sally also dropped another bombshell stating that when the couple discussed their finances, Shepherd was unsure of what her salary was as a co-host on The View.

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