Sherri Shepherd Says Money Hungry Husband Stole $20,000 from her bank account


In the book “Financial Lovemaking,” we have regular conversations about how love and money can be a toxic mix if the situation doesn’t turn out well. One of the great case studies we’re seeing is the relationship between Sherri Shepherd and her estranged husband, Lamar Sally. The situation has gotten so messy that you wonder what kind of co-parents they would have been for the surrogate child who had the misfortune of being born into their custody.

Now, the situation has gotten uglier, with Sherri accusing Lamar of stealing money from her bank account. While $20,000 is a lot of money for most of us, Shepherd’s salary from “The View” was $1.5 million dollars. So, you have to wonder if this is starting to get a little petty. Who’s the biggest loser in all of this? The newborn baby who now has no mother because Sherri says she doesn’t want him anymore.

Maybe the lesson in all of this is that before you tie the knot with another person and invest your life in a relationship, be prepared to be composed and mature if things don’t work out your way. While you might think you’re making your partner look silly in public, the truth is that you both end up with mud on your face. In the case of Sherri Shepherd, it may have also affected her career in a negative way, since many television shows don’t like this kind of negative publicity.

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By: Krystle Crossman

Sherri Shepherd has been going through a lot lately. She has been dealing with divorce, surrogacy, and the birth of a surrogate child. Now she has a whole new set of problems as she claims that her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, allegedly stole $20,000 from her bank account. She said that she was not aware that any money had been missing until she took a close look at her bank account.

Shepherd is not only stating that he stole money from her, but she is also contesting the contract that they signed together regarding the surrogate. She allegedly stated that he was only doing it for the money and that she didn’t want anything to do with the newborn baby who was born on August 5th. Sally states that she knew the money was coming out of her account and that it was used for trips to visit the surrogate who lived in Pennsylvania. He said that Shepherd has not spoken to him since the baby was born.

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This is Divorce gone bad. I know this will be settle in court soon and the truth will come out.

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