Study: A record number of young people are opting out of marriage


According to a recent study by the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Institute, fewer people are getting married before they reach the age of 40 than ever before and seem to prefer living together until they are more financially established.

The study, based on data from the American Community Survey, goes on to state that if this trend continues, the numbers of Millennial-born women who wait until they are 40 before getting hitched will double that of the previous generation X, even if marriage rates improve.

According to the study, in the first four years of the millennium, the peak first marriage rate for single women born in the U.S. between the ages of 20 to 40 was .099 (9.9%). It continues that in the following years, namely 2004 to 2008 and 2008 to 2012, that figure had dropped to .088 and .075, respectively.

The study titled, “Fewer Marriages, More Divergence: Marriage Projections for Millennials to Age 40,” continues that the Great Recession may account for the drop of marriages in those years, because many couples were struggling financially. It adds, however, that if the current trend continues, fewer than 69.3% of all women will get married before they reach the age of 40.

Even if the marriage rate climbs to that of the prerecession, the figures will only be around 76.8% of women who get married before 40-years-old and 72.6% for men, according to the study.

This shows quite a drop in marriage rates from the previous generation X, the study continues. It adds that about 82% of women and 76.6% of men of this generation were married by the age of 40.

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I think that it's great that both parties want to get their money in order before marriage. I'm not married, but I know it takes a lot of work if you both are trying to build on stability that you don't have.

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