The NBA’s Highest Paid Players Of All time


By Robert Stitt

Your mind might have immediately gone to Michael Jordan. Sure, Jordan made a name for himself as much after basketball as he did on the court, but he doesn’t even make the list if the money had to have been earned strictly on the court.

When it comes to “making it rain” on the court, nobody compares to Kevin Garnett. Over 20 years, he commanded a whopping $315 million. Not bad for a gentleman who started playing in the NBA straight out of high school. At only 21, he signed his first hundred million dollar contract ($126 million to be exact).

Nobody else crosses the $300 million mark, but numbers 2 and 3 come close. Shaquille O’Neal hauled in $292,198,327 and his teammate Kobe Bryant has already brought in $279,738,062.

The only other two above the $200 million mark are Tim Duncan at $224,709,155 and Dirk Nowitzki at $204,063,985.

The others on the top 15 list include Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Chris Webber, Jermaine O’Neal, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace, Allen Iverson, and Juwan Howard who topped out at $151,465,633

Before you feel too bad for Michael Jordan for having only earned approximately $93 million during his career, just remember that he is the first black billionaire. He has a net worth of over $1.1 billion.

While Jordan turned his money over many times, the number one earner Garnett has not been so fortunate. The number one earner has not lost his fortune like some of his peers, but Celebrity Net Worth places his overall net worth at $190 million, despite his $315 million earnings.



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