The Obama’s Are Slated To Make $40 Million From A Dual Book Deal


By Ryan Velez

The nation recently witnessed President Barack Obama’s farewell speech, as his landmark presidency comes to a close. When it comes to an outgoing president, there is always going to be the question of “what’s next?” Sure, the chance to get out of the spotlight may be a bit refreshing, but anyone who has seen the President and First Lady in action know they are not likely to rest on their laurels for long. One thing that may be soon on their plate according to a CelebrityNetWorth article is a book deal.

Presidents and spouses alike getting a book deal are certainly not uncommon, due to the unique perspective they offer as well as the swelling of interest around them and politics in general when the presidency changes hands. Barack Obama isn’t a stranger to this arena either, having written both the memoir Dreams From My Father about his own struggles with race, identity, and community, as well as The Audacity of Hope: Reclaiming The American Dream, written when he was still an Illinois senator. Sources suggest that the Obama’s could stand to sign a package book deal that would net them $20 million each, with publishers ready to hear about what they describe as “the dirt” on Washington. Interestingly, one person in the publishing world explained why Michelle’s book could be worth as much or even more than Barack’s:

“If I jump into the bidding, I’d definitely offer more for her story than his. He’s a known quantity, she’s the golden goose with the best dishy stories about her White House life. And I think she can be very catty.” Another factor that could drive up the price for a potential Obamas book is their high approval ratings upon leaving office, eclipsing many other departing Presidents and First Ladies throughout history. While the Obama’s are not known for engaging in spreading dirt or other hidden details, one editor suggests that to create the best-selling book possible, there are some things that the reading public would want to know.

“We want to hear what the president’s true reaction was when Benghazi happened, when he first learned about Mrs. Clinton’s secret email server, and how he felt about Mrs. Clinton’s failed candidacy, and his true feeling about Donald Trump – all of that needs to be told in no uncertain terms, because that’s what the public – the book buyers – are interested in hearing.”



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