Why Lil’ Wayne is Suing Universal Music Group for $20 Million


By Giovanni Zaburoni

The Lil Wayne and Birdman saga over millions in unpaid money continues but this time, Wayne isn’t setting his sights on his “daddy,” Birdman. Wayne is now suing the Universal Music Group for not paying him what he believes he is owed, which total’s $20 million dollars. This isn’t Wayne’s only lawsuit. He’s not through with Cash Money, the label owned by Birdman. Wayne has been trying to claw his way out from underneath Birdman’s clutches for quite some time now.

Back in January, TMZ reported Wayne was suing Cash Money for $51 million and rumors were flying around that he wanted off the label. According to TMZ, Wayne was also supposed to get a cash advance of $8 million for his “Tha Carter V” album and another $2 million when the album was done. Well the day to get paid came and went and allegedly, Wayne didn’t get a dime so he’s suing Cash Money for that $10 million too.

Here’s how Universal comes into play. According to TMZ, Wayne says the company has a financial arrangement with Cash Money where money that should have been going to Wayne was instead used to settle Birdman’s debts. Cash Money, the label, belongs to Birdman, which falls under Universal, and Young Money, the label, belongs to Wayne, which falls under Cash Money/Universal. Wayne controls some of the top acts in Hip Hop right now: Drake and Nicki Minaj. Reality star Tyga, also fell under Young Money for some time and Wayne says the bulk of the money being used to pay off Birdman’s UMG advance of $100 million mostly came from his artists.

Drake and Nicki Minaj have been very quiet about this ongoing “family” battle over money and Wayne’s insistence that he be let off the Cash Money label. According to TMZ, Wayne wants to be the joint copyright owner of all the music recordings under his label Young Money.

While Wayne is doing his best to publicly part ways with Birdman, his “father” says the story is being twisted. In an interview with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez transcribed by Fader, Birdman had this to say about Wayne and their ongoing financial battle:

“He forever my son, that ain’t gonna change no matter what. On the Young Money artists Wayne is trying to hold on to: Nicki and Drake ain’t going nowhere. Regardless. Both of ’em, are very happy. And I got much respect for ’em. You never hear nothing out their mouths, nothing negative about either one of us, because we both have blessed their lives. Nicki and Drake regardless of what goes down with us, they’re not going.”

Two sides of the same story and at the end of the day, it seems this issue isn’t going away until Wayne gets his money.





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